The ITF facilitates the repatriation of seafarers abandoned for almost a year

After more than 11 months at anchor in Sfax, Tunisia, the remaining 10 seafarers (6 Egyptian, 2 Indian and 2 Bangladeshi) on board the vessel MV Qaaswa finally departed for home on 30th April 2018, after they had been systematically abandoned by the vessel owner Alco Shipping Services, a company based in the United Arab Emirates. 

ITF Inspector and ITF Arab World Network Coordinator Mohamed Arrachedi assisted them continuously until they finally left with their wages.  8 other seafarers (7 Egyptians and 1 Bangladeshi) had already departed on 9th March 2018 with their wages paid.

During the 11 months that the vessel was in Sfax, the seafarers were denied their basic human rights, having to endure repeated shortages of food, water and fuel and sustained physical and psychological duress. 

The ITF assisted with provisions, and after the repeated failure of the owner to take responsibility for the situation, the P&I club for the vessel was approached and asked to pay wages and repatriate the crew in line with the abandonment clause on the P&I certificate.

Mohamed Arrachedi commented. “These seafarers suffered greatly because the owner simply did not accept their responsibility.  This is the third time we have assisted and repatriated crew from this vessel, when will we see an end to ship owners acting in this way?” 

ITF Inspectorate Coordinator Steve Trowsdale commented.  “Once again, we see the impunity enjoyed by a ship owner who treats their seafarers as nothing more than modern day slaves, to deny them their basic human rights and then to cast aside without any regard.  

In all more than $100,000 in wages was paid to the crew and the ITF would like to thank the P&I Club involved, the Federal Transport Authority of the UAE and UAE flag state for their assistance and cooperation in resolving this case.


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