May Day is Our Public Transport Day

May Day, 1 May, the ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) will be marking campaigns around the world that are strengthening and improving public transport for everyone, as part of the federation's Our Public Transport programme.

Public transport affects everyone. It is an integral and essential part of the modern world. Yet not everyone has a say in how it is run, and for whose benefit. Too often public transport planning does not include the views of the real experts – workers and passengers. The ITF’s #OurPublicTransport programme aims to redress this. It is actively campaigning for public transport based on public ownership, public investment, secure jobs and union rights for workers in public and private employers. 

As the next step in the campaign, the ITF has launched a map that celebrates the work by its unions and passenger groups in public transport. You can view and share the map using this link: 

Asbjørn Wahl, chair of the ITF urban transport committee, said: "Our unions have been working hard to strengthen and build public transport systems in their countries that meets the needs of all, and are fit for the future. This map highlights their campaigns and how important they are. 

"Good public transport, which is accessible for all, is a right in any urban centre - comparable to sanitation or running water, but it is under pressure from short-sighted economic policies that look to cut its funding regardless of the social and environmental costs. ITF unions, often in coalition with passengers, are fighting to stop this."


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Empowering workers with Knowledge on labour rights is key to democractic unions .
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