ITF comment: International Women's Day

Speaking today, International Women’s Day, Diana Holland, chair of the ITF’s (International Transport Workers’ Federation’s) women transport workers’ committee, said: “The 8th of March isn’t just an occasion of celebration, resistance and diversity, it’s also a time to point to achievements and growth. The ITF and its unions stand proud in working with women transport workers making workplaces better, safer and more representative.”

She continued: “Today also provides the opportunity to carry forward and report on two ITF initiatives: the launch of our Equality Testing in Transport Research, and the campaign for an ILO convention on violence and harassment in the workplace.”


ITF president Paddy Crumlin said: “These projects are part of the ITF’s continuing and deep-rooted mission to support and work with women transport workers. We will use the findings to develop collective bargaining strategies that will encourage employers to implement more policies and practices that promote gender equality, and aim to eliminate harassment and violence against women in the workplace. The results will also provide evidence of the need for an ILO convention on violence and harassment in the workplace.”


ITF general secretary Steve Cotton added: “We ask all unions and their members to get involved on International Women’s Day, and join us in the mission to win that deeply important ILO convention on violence and harassment. We invite anyone who wants to make a difference, today and every day, to visit and get involved now.”


The Equality Testing in Transport Research will be available in Arabic, French, English, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

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