ITF applauds BBC investigation into IKEA supply chain abuses

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) has welcomed a BBC investigation that uncovered exploitation of truck drivers in IKEA’s supply chain. ITF unions have been fighting for justice for the drivers for years, leading efforts to expose their living conditions.

The report, broadcast on BBC TV, online and radio, featured drivers transporting IKEA goods in several European countries for months at a time. The drivers are being paid low wages despite usually working in higher waged countries where the cost of living is considerably more, while they live, eat and sleep in their trucks in appalling conditions.

The head of ITF inland transport, Noel Coard, said: “We’ve been fighting for justice for these drivers for years. This is an important report into an incredibly important issue. The shocking conditions shown on our screens can’t be allowed to continue. Major retailers like IKEA must take responsibility and can take a lead on this. What are they waiting for?”

You can see the BBC report here:

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