ITF position upheld: European Court of Justice (ECJ) rules Uber as a transport firm

The ITF welcomes the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling yesterday, which states Uber will be recognised as a transport services company in the European Union (EU).

The decision supports the ITF long standing position that Uber must comply with rules and regulations like any other taxi operator. It applies across the EU, including the UK and the decision cannot be appealed.

The ITF’s Automation and Future of Work Coordinator, Mac Urata, said: “While we obviously welcome the ECJ supporting our affiliates’ long-held position on Uber, there are still question marks over driver misclassification. This is only one more step on the long journey towards genuine respect for Uber drivers and workers’ rights. We also caution against Uber turning into some kind of low standards transport company that would continue to exploit its drivers. So, while we remain vigilant, we are positive about this judgement and hope it will have some impact for drivers as well as wider implications for regulations throughout the 'gig economy'.”

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