Drivers asked to come forward with stories of IKEA abuses

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is calling for truck drivers to continue coming forward with accounts of exploitation while moving goods for IKEA, as it launches a new film about the issue.

Since a BBC exposé of exploitation in IKEA’s supply chain* the ITF has seen a rise in the number of drivers and their families coming forward with their own stories.

Head of ITF Inland Transport, Noel Coard, said: "We have been investigating exploitation in IKEA's supply chain for some time, but we know that these unsavoury practices are widespread and we have only uncovered the tip of the iceberg. After the BBC report we saw an increase in the number of people coming forward with their stories. Drivers and their families should know that they can contact us with their experiences and we can help make their voices heard. 

"Many people will be spending Easter at home with loved ones this weekend, but these drivers won’t be. They’ll be working around the clock often under terrible conditions, hauling products for IKEA. Every worker deserves respect and IKEA needs to take responsibility. What are they waiting for?"

The ITF film documents the story of a driver living out of his cabin for weeks and months on end while driving around Western Europe and working for IKEA. 

The film can we viewed and shared from here:

“We are discriminated against” says Lucian, the driver in the film. “Between a Romanian and a Dutch person, working in the same company, my income is probably less than half of what the Dutch person gets. But we do the same work. That’s how it is, the law is violated. All of us are exploited."

Those affected are being asked to email or WhatsApp +44 7570 659 594. All messages will remain anonymous and confidential. 

For more information contact Andy Khan-Gordon, ITF campaigns communicator
Tel: +44 (0)20 7940 9282 / +44 (0)77 1135 6964. Email:

* The BBC report is available here:

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