Advance notice to press – invite to join ITF youth mission on Palestinian truck drivers project visit

Young transport workers representing ITF unions from four countries will visit the Irtah border crossing between Palestine and Israel next week to support the ITF truck drivers project based there.

Members of the press are invited to join them on the visit on Wednesday 11 May at 9am. 

The project was launched to provide Palestinian drivers with access to refreshments, toilet facilities, shade and union meeting space when they experienced long delays at the crossing.

The ITF is looking to develop further projects of this kind and the youth visit is part of a commitment to building industrial solidarity and effective responses to the challenges faced by transport workers in the region. 


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Unions from Canada, UK, Australia and South Africa will be represented via youth delegates. Interviews will be available with youth delegates and truck drivers supported by the project.

The delegation will also meet with the General Union of Palestine Transport Workers and the Palestinian Ministry of Transport during its visit. 

Youth delegates will be blogging throughout their visit. Follow here and on twitter #ITFYouthinPalestine

As part of the ITF’s programme to support workers and members of ITF- affiliated trade unions in the region, an ITF mission to Palestine and Israel was made in September 2015, More information on the visit is available here.

Please contact Gemma Walker for more information and/or to register your interest: +44 (0) 7850 736145 or email


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