ITF comment on Ataturk Airport attacks

Commenting on last night’s attacks on Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, ITF general secretary Steve Cotton said: “Once again terrorists have sought to weaken society by a cowardly attack on unarmed citizens gathered at a transport centre.

“Passengers and workers at Ataturk Airport came under fire and bomb blast, and we applaud all those who rushed to help them and ferry them to hospitals.


“It goes without saying that everyone with a shred of decency condemns these attacks and will continue, unbowed and undaunted, working, travelling and upholding all that is best in the human spirit. Once again the terrorists have failed.”


ITF president Paddy Crumlin stated: “As human beings and as transport workers we reach out in sympathy and solidarity to all those affected by last night’s outrage.


“This hateful act won’t inspire terror, as its perpetrators hoped. It’ll inspire fellow brotherhood and sisterhood with the victims, and a resolve to reject violence and build engagement and peace irrespective of faith or nationality.”



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