FKSU, KMSU and ITF meeting

The ITF held a series of meeting 25-27 January 2016 in London with Federation of Korean Seafarers’ Union (FKSU) and Federation of Korean Maritime Seafarers’ Union (KMSU), with an aim to create reconciliatory process.

KMSU broke away from FKSU in 2014. ITF Secretariat tried to mediate a conciliatory deal expressed in a Memorandum of Agreement.  The FKSU is ready to sign the Memorandum of Agreement but the KMSU is not willing to enter into this Memorandum of Agreement. This process will be reported back to the ITF Executive Board and ITF Fair Practices Committee Steering Group.

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Shalom Castillon

821 Days Ago
I have a concer regarding fksu membership. I work on korean vessels for 2ng time ang they deducted me for fksu membership amount of 40dollars a month. My question is that do I have something to get from fksu? Or any benifits I will get? Thank you.
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