Photo: Cabin crew member protesting at London air show

A masked and gagged cabin crew member protested outside a London air show today where a Qatar Airways executive was speaking. The airline’s staff are denied a union voice to defend themselves and are subject to punishment for going public.

You are invited to use a photo of the protest, which was staged outside the World Low Cost Airlines Congress at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London today (16 September). Photos are provided gratis. We do not require a credit, however if you prefer to give one please use either ITF or Alastair Fyfe/ITF.

For more about Qatar Airways and the ITF’s (International Transport Workers’ Federation’s) campaign for workers’ rights there please see and Details of how all staff are prevented from talking about the company are at


More photos are available on request to

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1219 Days Ago
Of course it is not a real uniform of QR. We have to surrender our garments (and work related material) while doing clearance... But it all can make easy to identify who's the one she is talking about.
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1219 Days Ago
This uniform is a fake's not Qatar Airlines one. Just looks like one.
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