Paris and Beirut attacks: ITF comment

Commenting on the terrorist attacks on Beirut and Paris ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) general secretary Steve Cotton said: “On Friday night, as the people of Lebanon were holding two days of mourning following the attacks on their capital, the people of – and visitors to – Paris were attacked.

"Those attacks were as vile and abhorrent as the aims and methods of those who perpetrated them. We, and all decent men and women worldwide, reject and condemn them and offer our help and sympathy to all those affected.”

ITF president Paddy Crumlin stated: “Innocent men and women of a democratic state have been slaughtered through pre-planned and closely timed bombing and shooting attacks while they were at their leisure and in their most vulnerable moments. All people, particularly working men and women and their trade unions, must act. These atrocities, like the horrific bombings in Beirut, have been done in the name of political and religious extremism and sectarianism representing values of racism, hatred and contempt for human and civil rights and the moral understandings and obligations that underpin them.”

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Richard Tsekyi

1161 Days Ago
These affected people are in one way or the other workers. So therefore companies are loosing skill workers. Therefore I urge every organisation or company to come together and stand as one and say NO to all this atrocities. Let join the union and fight this canker.
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Hussain Ghuloom

1162 Days Ago
I think the world should be one hand to be more strong and support each other I mean the rights countrys to stop this callers people ISIS and others who don't like to see the world be freedom
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