180618 PUTON Kenya Union Starts Campaign For Improved Taxi Regulation
Taxi drivers in Nairobi calling for better working conditions

Kenya union takes campaign to improve taxi conditions to government

An ITF union, backed by other transport stakeholders, has presented a petition to the Kenyan national assembly demanding the creation of better legislation of the e-hailing transport sector.

The Public Transport Operators’ Union (PUTON) with the digital taxi association of Kenya, Rideshare Sacco Limited and the Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU-K) presented a petition to the senate on 7 June 2018.

After bringing together Nairobi’s ride-hailing associations last September, PUTON urged the senate to pay attention to the demands of stakeholders in the taxi industry. The petition demanded amendments to out-dated legislation in order to ensure fair competition, promote safety for passengers and improve working conditions for drivers.

The petition comes after months of protests in Nairobi by drivers calling for better working conditions at Uber, Taxify, Little Cab, Mondo and Maramoja.

“We have been working hard to promote unity within the associations that represent taxi drivers, many of whom are our members. We shall continue to make these demands until the online taxi sector is sanitised with sound regulatory backing”, said PUTON general secretary Fenus Okonji.

ITF Africa deputy regional secretary Anna Karume said: “Nairobi has seen a number of protests against the practices of these app-based companies, therefore this petition comes at the right time to demand better legislation and avoid more problems in future.”

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Vincent mange ombati

210 Days Ago
I would be happy to see uber recognize itself by either being the employer or just a technology company offering service through an application, this will help not only unions but also drivers on the platform understand how to deal with it.
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Rachel chellah

214 Days Ago
Finally why aint you helping the PUTON to establish a Constitution to be implemented. As kenyan online drivers what can we do for this apps to either come to better negotiations or Quit????We are tired and disappointed on how you work,Kindly come out Clearly through our Union and help us meet our expectations.
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Rachel Chellah

214 Days Ago
As ITF what have you done to Improve the fares,Security and as PUTON as a union what Can its members see as to why you exist ad a Union??Being one of the Online app driver i can comment that we are very disappointed as you have even gone an extend of using this clip of demos and having done nothing at all to solve our problems.Being a member an entrusting PUTON as our union,i expect alot done for the sake members.I feel so frustrated an disappointed day by day,working more hours and the fares retarded always very low,Insecurity..The fuel is rising every day...What have you done as ITF????
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