Davood Razavi (left) and Ebrahim Madadi on their release on bail in May 2015

ITF urges Iran to drop case against Davood Razavi

The ITF has today written to Iranian leader Ayatollah Sayed ‘Ali Khamenei to urge the immediate and unconditional end to the case against Davood Razavi, a director of the Tehran bus workers’ union (Vahed Syndicate).

Mr Razavi was detained on 29 April 2015 while preparing for a May Day gathering, released on bail on 1 September 2015, tried in January 2016 and then sentenced to five years in prison for ‘collusion and assembly against national security’. He is currently awaiting a ruling on his appeal.

ITF general secretary Steve Cotton wrote: “I now have received information to the effect that [Davood Razavi] has been summoned to court today, Wednesday 24th January 2018.

“In November 2016, the International Labour Organisation’s Committee on Freedom of Association noted that Razavi was one of the trade unionists whose arrest and detention was brought to the attention of the Committee in 2007 and that in 2011 the Government had provided information as to his release. Following Razavi’s arrest at his home in April 2015, the ILO ‘noted with great concern that he has once again been arrested and charged’, and requested the Government to provide detailed information with regard to the arrest, detention and charges brought against him.

‘Your Excellency, the continued pursuance of the case against Razavi would amount to a serious violation of his rights to peaceful activism as a trade union member. As a founder of the International Labour Organisation and a current member of the ILO’s governing body, the Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to respect labour rights. The ITF strongly believes that Razavi’s immediate and unconditional release would not only be seen as a positive gesture, it would also enhance your government’s reputation at international level.

“Your Excellency, I strongly urge you once again to intervene to secure Razavi’s release.”

Just two weeks ago, Mr Cotton urged the Iranian leader to release another Vahed Syndicate leader, Reza Shahabi, because of his poor health. Read more.

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