Aden port workers learn how to prevent serious injury

The ITF and the Aden Container Terminal Union (ACTU) have run a workshop with workers at Aden Container Terminals about staying healthy and preventing serious injuries, such as herniated discs in their back.

The workshop took place at the terminal on 22 January, 2018. The 70 participants - all herniated disc sufferers - learned how to prevent and cure it. Each was given a medical package, including gum arabic, bandages and lotions.

Said Alma'ari, ACTU general secretary, spoke at the session: "We thank the ITF and Aden's port management for enabling this workshop to take place.

"The purpose is to preserve the skeletal system by following certain health preventive tips to avoid the herniated disc from developing and how to cure it."

A herniated disc - or slipped disc - can be caused by lifting heavy objects the wrong way or from the vibrations of driving or operating machinery.

ITF Arab World co-ordinator Bilal Malkawi commented that port workers were susceptible to slipped discs because of the nature of their work, and workshops were invaluable in helping them stay well.

During the workshop, researcher Hamdan Al-Haidary described how to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent herniated disc, and Mazin Dirham from the terminal's safety control department explained the causes of neck pain and how to prevent it.

The ITF and ACTU will run further sessions for workers using heavy machinery.

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