ITF president Paddy Crumlin made the announcement at a meeting of the Committee on Workers’ Capital

Union investors serve notice on XPO

Trade union investment experts meeting in Berlin have shone a spotlight on the labour practices of US-based logistics provider XPO

The examination was led by ITF president Paddy Crumlin, speaking to a meeting of the Committee on Workers’ Capital (CWC), which gathered together over 80 delegates from 15 countries – including trustees of major pension funds whose assets are managed by Orbis Investment Management, XPO’s largest shareholder. 

Addressing the conference, Paddy Crumlin stated: “I’m proud to say that the CWC is playing a critical role on bringing workers’ rights issues to the forefront. We talk so much about shareholder value; we as the stewards of workers’ capital must stake our claim to what we value.

“The CWC exists to enable unions to collaborate globally and to mobilise workers’ capital in support of our brothers and sisters facing insecure casualised employment, and anti-union intimidation. I hope all CWC participants will do what they can to support the XPO campaign, and make sure our capital supports XPO workers wherever they are.”

Mr Crumlin concluded: “We call on the investment managers to go to XPO management, relay our concerns and demand the company shows a transition plan for converting independent contractors to full employee status. We also ask them to call for enhanced sustainability reporting.”

In July the ITF launched a taskforce to tackle XPO’s anti-union and anti-worker tactics. XPO spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on union busters to fight workers’ attempts to organise in the United States, has slashed worker benefits and misclassifies workers as independent contractors. In Europe, XPO cut jobs despite promises it wouldn’t do so, misclassifies workers, and has denied workers toilet or water breaks. Workers across the globe are standing up to these anti-worker actions.


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Glenn frew

379 Days Ago
Well I full agree with union movement going global as well as uniteing all workers concerns and believe in organisations with morals and principles for the working class , but let us not hide from the wrongs been placed on dockers in Oslo , TOUCH ONE TOUCH ALL as we are all in the same game ,and that's stand up for the worker ITF stand strong and I'm with you all the way. .FREWY
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