ITF young transport workers lay out plans for visibility and legacy at congress 2018

Less talk and more action was the general consensus from ITF young transport workers making up the newly formed youth congress group. Chaired by Baker Khundakji, ITF youth coordinator, they met for the first time last week in Singapore, the location of ITF congress 2018. 

The team is made up of representatives from the host unions in Singapore and international youth committee members representing women transport workers, industrial transport sections and each of the ITF regions. The group has been specifically put together in recognition of the need for ITF young transport workers to be given the opportunity for practical input into the political and campaigning future of the ITF.

Terence Tan from the Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union (SMOU) said: “To be one of the host unions for ITF congress is an awesome privilege and having this kind of direct input as a young worker is an opportunity to showcase what young people in SMOU are proactively doing to be involved in the union and the work issues they care about.

“The future of work and automation are high on our agenda and these will be the major themes at the congress next year and young people need to be heavily involved in these discussions and debates.”

The group visited the high-tech congress venue and gave their first thoughts to their plans to make sure young transport workers have both visibility at congress itself but also establish a legacy from the event. 

Fatima Ajouz from the Lebanese Cabin Crew Union said: “We hope there will be more young transport workers at congress than ever before who will be playing an active role in the event, but also setting out their agenda and direction onwards from Singapore so that they are embedded in the campaigning and organising work of the ITF.

“Yes we want to be visible at congress – we want the t-shirts and the flags, but we also want what youth think and do to be embedded in the work and agenda of the ITF. We want to show that technology can be positive for workers and that young people can help drive social change.”

Get more on the work of ITF young transport workers on their webpage and follow their social media channels Facebook/ITFyoungtransportworkers and @ITFyouth on twitter.


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343 Days Ago
What is the date of the congress in Singapore?
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Joshua S. Wilson

450 Days Ago
This is a one stop commitment from young transport workers from all ITF’s affiliates, that 2018 ITF Congress will be a youth push.
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