Delegates of the ITF Tourism conference

ITF Pathway to Congress continues in Amsterdam

The latest phase of the ITF Pathway to Congress has been happening in Amsterdam this week. The ITF tourism conference took place on Monday in the Netherlands.

Representatives from Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa made up the delegation which came together to set the agenda of the section in the run up to Congress 2018 in Singapore.

ITF president Paddy Crumlin opened the conference saying: “Tourism is a key economic driver in almost every country across the world. What we need here in this section, in connection with every transport sector, is to have clear outlines about where we want to go, how workers in this industry can be specifically protected by our actions and the network of the ITF.

“We need to identify the real issues for workers and what our collective response is to the continuing development of informal and deregulated policies by employers that build business models based on the removal of proper labour standards.“

The success of embedding young workers in ITF priority projects was highlighted by feedback from two of FNV’s young workers about their involvement in the ongoing successful organising drive at Schiphol Airport, a key element of the ITF Airports Organising programme. 

Online content posted live from the conference hit more than a million social media accounts in the build up to and during the conference with likes, shares, retweets and comments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Posting of reports, photos and films will continue during the ITF Executive Board – also happening in Amsterdam - on Thursday and Friday of this week. Look out for posts using #WeAreITF #SomosITF #NousSommesITF

The next Pathway to Congress conference – ITF women transport workers – is being held in Marrakesh from 7-8 November. Like their Facebook page ITF women and follow them on Twitter @ITF_women so you’re ready to participate.

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Vishnu Kona

307 Days Ago
Why wasn't the tourism sector representative and only women representative from India Sister Similal Singh invited for this meeting?
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Joshua Soka Wilson

398 Days Ago
Indeed, the pathway to ITF 2018 Congress young workers in ITF we are priority
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