ITF mission to USA builds action plans

ITF general secretary Steve Cotton arrives in the USA today to lead a delegation of Nordic and Argentinian representatives in talks with ITF member union the Teamsters and with the AFL-CIO (the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations), and the Foundation for Fair Contracting.

The six-day mission is designed to explore organising strategies and build strategic relationships for joint working between all the parties.

A packed programme includes report backs on the latest European and US political developments and key campaigns, plus training and discussion on building communication action networks, union organising, and strategic research, followed by a meeting with Teamsters general president James Hoffa.

Recent advances in campaigning around low cost carriers, Uber and IKEA will be shared, and current campaigns on UPS, DHL, XPO and Gate Gourmet explored. Representatives from the unions will also discuss the impact of automation in the freight industry and its impact on transport workers across the globe.

The ITF-led delegation to the USA includes representatives from Denmark’s 3F union, Sweden’s SEKO, the Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union, Finland’s AKT, and the Nordic Transport Workers’ Federation, as well as the Camioneros union from Argentina.

Steve Cotton commented: “This visit is about sharing lessons and resources and building the networks for future campaigning. All the unions involved have worked together and supported each other on campaigns that are of key importance to one or more of them, with the others offering the vital support needed to internationalise struggles that increasingly have a cross-border dimension. This week will cement those relationships and prepare for further action.”

Jan Villadsen, who is heading the Nordic delegation, said that the visit was expected to forge links, build on the already existing examples of international solidarity, and then take them to even higher levels of efficient cooperation.

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