Transport unions take on TiSA

The ITF today launched a new campaign to give transport unions the tools to take on the secretive Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), which has been negotiated by the European Union and 22 other countries.

The campaign will help unions prove the danger to rights, conditions and democracy posed by TiSA – by bringing together all the information needed to fight it in one place:


ITF general secretary Steve Cotton stated: “We all know that TiSA is a threat to hard-won workers’ rights and conditions. But what isn’t so well known is the way it directly threatens transport workers’ jobs. We aim to put that right. At the moment TiSA negotiations are suspended pending the scheduling of a new round of talks. That gives us an unmissable window of opportunity. Please have a look, find the tools that suit you best, and together, with all the strength of transport unions, we’ll take on and triumph over TiSA.”


ITF president Paddy Crumlin outlined the dangers of TiSA which would, he said, supercharge the most powerful companies in the transport industry, giving them preferential treatment. He warned that what’s missing is any value at all for workers and citizens. TISA creates serious barriers for any state wanting to invest in, manage and operate its national infrastructure or – crucially – to defend decent work and decent terms and conditions across transport. It is our duty as trade unionists, he concluded, to build the knowledge and alliances needed to challenge the secrecy and lack of democracy involved, and develop realistic, worker-centred alternatives.


Find everything you and your union need to fight TiSA at and follow the campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #StopTiSA

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322 Days Ago
we all need equal work opprtunities as transport workers and fight for each other
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