Itf Youth Committee Straight 2
The ITF young workers committee met on Monday to prepare!

ITF youth conference gets underway in Argentina #WeAreITF

The latest installment in the ITF Pathway to Congress kicks off this week as young transport workers from all over the world gather in Argentina for their conference.

Nearly 80 unions from across the ITF regions will be represented at the three-day event in Buenos Aires where young transport workers will set their priorities and make practical action plans for the period between now and Congress in 2018.

Julián Sosa, co-chair of the ITF young transport workers committee and representative for La Fraternidad union, Argentina, which is hosting the event said: “Youth are the present and the future of the trade union movement. This is a unique opportunity for young workers globally and we’re proud to have the event here in Argentina. The ITF is putting young transport workers at the centre of priority work and we – ourselves as that youth contingent – need to work out how we make the most of those opportunities. That’s why the next few days are about strategy, they’re about practical implementation and they’re about building global power.”

Live reporting including film clips, interviews and photos will be posted throughout the conference on Facebook, @ITFglobalunion on twitter and @ITFglobal on instagram. Follow the latest using #WeAreITF #NousSommesITF #SomosITF

So far almost 5 million people have been reached with online reporting of the Pathway to Congress conferences. This is your Pathway to Congress so support youth delegates and get involved!

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Hugo Barrios UTA

510 Days Ago
Felicitaciones a los jóvenes de ITF, el futuro del Movimiento Obrero Organizado, tiene desafíos importantísimos y en ustedes veremos cristalizado un futuro mejor para todos los Compañeros Trabajadores del Transporte Mundial. Por Paz, pan y Trabajo Digno.
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511 Days Ago
Automation is fuc#####king up the future,the youth iis still the future .We can't and will not stop automation.Let Automation pay tax for every workplace they take.
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