ITF unions continue to build strength in Venezuela

Trade unions from the FBTTT (Federación Bolivariana de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras del sector Transporte, Afines y Conexos) in Venezuela participated in an organising and strengthening seminar last week.

They used the event to plan how they could become more powerful through increased membership and the promotion of collective bargaining agreements (CBAs).

The ITF and its Venezuelan unions established the FBTTT in 2013. It has proved a very important boost for transport workers and continues working to strengthen the representation of transport unions in the country. Last November, the national maritime trade union BoliMarítimos was created, representing dockers, seafarers, inland navigation and fishing workers – in less than three months it has attracted 1,250 members, 883 of them dockers. Currently, the FBTTT is negotiating 15 CBAs in passenger transport, cargo, logistics and civil aviation.  

José Rosal, ITF national co-ordinator in Venezuela, said: “The unity of labour workers and the existence of fair CBAs in all companies are the main mechanism to guarantee the defence of the construction process in the nation.

“We will follow the principles of our eternal leader, Commander Chavez, to have decent jobs and a dignified life."  

Francisco Torrealba, FBTTT president and the new minister of popular power for labour and workers, who was appointed by President Maduro earlier this year for his work as a union leader, attended the seminar. 

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