Young transport workers make conference ‘stunning success’

Young transport workers took to social media to share news and highlights from the ITF youth conference around the globe, making the event a stunning success both inside and outside the venue.

The young workers set their strategic priorities to strengthen their role at the heart of both the 2018 congress and ITF priority projects, and made practical action plans for the period between now and congress.

Live reporting including film clips, interviews and photos were posted across ITF social media channels throughout the conference, and the hashtag #WeAreITF had an impressive reach of 2.1 million people. View the highlights of the social media output. 

View the short film for a shapshot of your conference.

Serena Brown, youth co-ordinator from the Barbados Workers’ Union, said in a RadioLabour interview: “What has impressed me is the fact we have so many young people from different countries but we share similar experiences. We’ve been discussing succession planning so that young members can progress through the ranks of trade unions and their workplaces. We need to continue the trade union movement, which we cannot afford to let die.”

Listen to the full interview (the interview begins at 4mins 39secs).

ITF general secretary Steve Cotton commented that young members were crucial to the future growth, leadership and increased global power of trade unions. He congratulated them on having made the conference such a stunning success by developing a strategic approach to building their role in the ITF family, and spreading the word so widely.

Some 250 young workers from nearly 80 unions across the ITF regions took part in the event, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 28-30 March.

The event was one of the series of Pathway to Congress (P2C) conferences being held this year. Follow all the P2C conferences on social media using #WeAreITF – so far 7.1 million people have been reached with online reporting.

ITF president Paddy Crumlin visited Argentinian dockers, who expressed solidarity for their colleagues in Spain, whose jobs are at risk from proposed port labour reform. He said automation in ports was often used as a union busting tactic, and that the Spanish dockers had the ITF’s unfaltering support as they continued their fight. Read more. 

Keep up with the latest developments involving young transport workers. 

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