Energised and committed to action – #ITFsummerschool2016 hailed a success

“I’ve learned a lot from the summer school and I hope that there will more similar events in Arab world region, the social dialogue and freedom of speech between attendants was great, we should implement these skills on the ground.”

That’s Enas Hassan from the Egyptian Federation of Free Transport for Workers, one of the first women taxi drivers in Egypt and a participant of the first ever ITF summer school to be held in the Arab World region.

Hosted by Union des Syndicats UMT des Transports the event brought together 70 activists from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia, Lebanon, Kuwait and Morocco, who spent a week finding ways to strengthen unionism and secure victories for workers.

Communication and empowering affiliates to lead on campaigns were at the core of the event. With participants identifying the political and economic challenges, and preparing action plans to put into practice when they go back to their unions. Workshops included using digital tools for effective communications.  View the dedicated summer school Facebook page packed with interviews, images and reports collected by participants.

The delegates also adopted a solidarity statement with APM Tangier workers after APM dismissed 6 workers for their union activities, a campaign will follow this case. There was also full support for the ITF’s ongoing work in Palestine.

Bilal Malkawi is ITF regional secretary for the Arab World: ”This event took place in a time where all transport unions in the region face real challenges. This is the event where a mixture of union leaders, activists, women and youth had the opportunity to identify the best ways on how to face political and economic challenges that affect workers conditions. Communicating experiences and networking was one of the noticed outcomes.” 


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Raphael Obilo

751 Days Ago
I am a young workers representative from dock workers union kenya. We have always been known for aggresively advocating advocating for employees rights in kenya and our union has always been labeled a combatant union but to us it's not about being rebellious but advocating for employees righs and making sure all employees work inn a dignified environment. I was elected to be a young worker representative and for the first time in in the history of our union a 'person with different ability have been elected as a young worker representative. I was requesting to go for itf summer school if i may be given consideration for more knowledge and exposure .
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