160311 DHL TUMTIS breaking the code
TUMTIS in Turkey was one of the unions taking action

ITF unions build pressure on DHL

Unions and workers across the world have united to put pressure on the logistics giant DHL, after abuses by the company were revealed in Panama, Chile and Colombia.

The release of Breaking The Code, 4 March 2016, was met with widespread media coverage across the world, forcing DHL executives to publicly respond to the accusations.

ITF unions have come out to back their colleagues in Latin America. You can see more on the Respect at DHL Facebook page.

On the day the report was released activists in several Indian cities and TUMTIS in Turkey took to the streets.

This week the KRWU in Korea, Solidarnosc in Poland, FESYTRAT in Togo, the TWU in Australia and the FNV in the Netherlands demonstrated at their German embassies to raise concerns about the report and call on the German government to intervene.

First Union in New Zealand, Unifor in Canada, the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions, the BIU in Bermuda, BTB in Belgium and Unite in the UK also took action.

DHL worker Manuel Marin spoke at the press conference in Bogotá, Colombia, where the report was launched. He said: "I was mentally tired, disillusioned, and depressed. I lost 13 kg. I was in a bad way. With all the work and with the problems I have with the company anyone would lose weight."

Antonio Fritz, ITF regional secretary for the Americas, welcomed the international show of support from other unions, saying DHL was an international company that needed this kind of international response from workers and their unions.

Go to the website to see how you can take action to make DHL respect workers’ rights. 

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