Disciplinary sanctions against Senegal aviation workers dropped

The management of Aviation Handling Services (AHS) in Senegal has finally cancelled all the disciplinary sanctions against workers and shop stewards from the ITF-affiliated Suttaaas after a bitter, four-month crisis.

Suttaaas (the Syndicat Unique des Travailleurs des Transports Aériens et Activités Annexes du Sénégal) told the ITF at the weekend that all those affected will now return to work and will receive their salary arrears from the company.

In December 2015, ITF general secretary Steve Cotton wrote to Senegal president Macky Sall to urge him to act over the punitive actions being taken against the workers and their union.

These began when several employees wore red armbands to protest against being charged interest on a loan which is usually issued interest-free to workers during Islamic holidays in Senegal. AHS managers reacted with forced transfers, confiscation of airport access badges, and dismissals of some workers and shop stewards. SUTTAAAS was also blocked from collecting union dues.

Suttaaas general secretary Alassane Ndoyé hailed the solidarity of all the workers and the union’s shop stewards, and warmly congratulated the Senegal trade union national centre (CNTS) and the ITF for their valuable support.

Joe Katende, ITF Africa regional secretary, said: “Bravo to Suttaaas on winning an end to this injustice. The ITF in the region and internationally was pleased to be able to support the workers and their union, and hope that this has taught the company that it cannot trample over workers’ rights to protest peacefully.”

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