ITF forges way ahead for road and rail. #WeAreITF!

Members of ITF road and rail unions worldwide meet in Belgium today to set the agenda for the future of those transport sectors. One of their first actions will be to rally in central Brussels against European Union plans that could undermine worker protections and quality transport.

The ITF conference lasts from 5 to 9 December and brings together 171 representatives from 84 unions representing road and rail workers in 42 countries. Together they will address issues and strategies on topics including: the threat of railway privatisation; driver only operation; solidarity with Korean workers; the launch of an Our Public Transport campaign; the future of work; automation and the digital economy; safe rates and making multinationals accountable.

Every ITF region, industrial section and cross-sectoral department – such as women and youth – will have their own conference falling under the umbrella of the ITF’s Pathway to Congress (P2C). P2C is designed to make sure all unions have the opportunity to feed into the highest decision making process at the ITF congress in 2018.

ITF general secretary Steve Cotton commented: “Transport that is safe, coordinated and accessible to all has never been under greater threat. Privatisation, precarious work, economic pressures and new technologies risk undermining regulation and accountability. The ITF, by listening to its millions of members working in these industries globally, is taking forward the fight for quality public transport, safe road and rail, and a fair deal for those at transport’s frontline.”

Paddy Crumlin, ITF president, stated that the ITF never stops saying that workers are among the experts on running safe and accessible transport - they have valuable and unique insights into how to achieve this. He promised that during this week their voices will definitely be heard, and in the months ahead their knowledge will be pushed out to all those who run, design and use transport systems.

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