Mumbai alliance to campaign against violence against women transport workers

The ITF-affiliated Maharashtra State Transport Kamgar Sanghatana (MSTKS) brought together 40 representatives from Mumbai transport trade unions, passenger unions and several prominent NGOs working to end violence against women in India in order to develop an alliance for the implementation of a joint union/community campaign.

Participants at the meeting, on 11 September, agreed to launch the campaign on 25 November, the United Nations day for the elimination of violence against women and girls. They also established a co-ordinating committee to develop broader community engagement, clear demands, strategy and materials.

The campaign is being developed with support from the ITF women transport workers committee and ITF affiliate SEKO, and solidarity support from LO-TCO in Sweden, as part of a broader MSTKS project on increasing women’s participation in the heavily male-dominated workplace and union.

Sister Yong Chimplee from the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority State Enterprise Workers’ Union (BMTASEWU) described how her union had recently implemented a similar campaign, which had reduced the instances of violence and resulted in the Thai government now rolling out the campaign policy and implementation across all its departments.

Sheela Naikwade, bus union MSTKS project co-ordinator, said: “There are so many common issues for women working and travelling by bus in Maharashtra, and opportunities for unions and other organisations to work together to develop and implement strategies and hold the employer, police and government accountable for keeping women safe. We are working closely with the Human Rights Law Network to build a strong campaign that reaches deep into our community.”

ITF women transport workers assistant co-ordinator Jodi Evans added that research showed that women in Maharashtra experienced bus travel as one of the least safe public spaces, which was why MSTKS women activists were leading the fight to reclaim safe public road transport for women workers and passengers.

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Anjan Mukherjee

1112 Days Ago
Providing support & solidarity to these transport workers are the need of the hour. We are with you sisters.
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catina sicoli

1180 Days Ago
together we stand in solidarity
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