Grangemouth is an identified industrial hub

‘Global unions building industrial power’ activists gather for hubs programme training

“We have mind blowing potential here in this room!” That was one of the comments from ITF industrial hubs programme coordinator Mark Lyon during the opening session of training workshops for the programme in Scotland last week.

Transport workers from road and maritime sectors were joined by activists from oil and gas, manufacturing, construction and food and drink.

The programme is designed to bring together workers who are linked by the same geographical industrial hub - and part of the same supply chain – effectively coordinating unionists in response to decisions made by employers.

Participant Paula Brennan from the road transport sector in Ireland said: “As workers and as union members we can’t afford to stay in our own sectors and ignore what’s going on with the people over the fence. Our industrial neighbours might be facing similar issues to us or be able to support us and we just don’t know realise.

“Employers are huge global multinationals with operations and investments across the world, so we have to be the same. We have to break down the sectoral and geographical barriers and be a coherent global trade union movement. That’s what we’re doing with the industrial hubs programme.”

The first stage of the industrial hubs programme is being spearheaded by ITF affiliate Unite the Union in the UK. There are plans to develop future projects in other ITF regions including the Arab World. Representatives from Norwegian union Industri Energi, Irish affiliate SIPTU (Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union) and the United Steelworkers of America also attended the workshops.

Find out more about the industrial hubs programme and hear direct from workers about their experience of training in Scotland: #OurHubs



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