Nermin attack shows need for union action to end violence against women

The recent attempted shooting of Libyan trade union leader Nermin Al-Sharif highlights the need for affiliates to participate fully in the United Nations day for the elimination of violence against women (VAW) on 25 November, says the ITF.

Al-Sharif, leader of the ITF-affiliated Dockers and Seafarers Union of Libya, was shot at on 8 November while driving. She has fought ceaselessly for her members’ rights and for women's rights across the Arab world and at Qatar Airways. The ITF is urging all its affiliates to back the Labour Start online campaign to demand that the Libyan government protect women trade unionists and human rights activists.

The UN VAW day provides an opportunity for unions to engage with their members, employers and the public on the issue of violence against women in general, or to spotlight a particular campaign or issue.

The ITF VAW 2015 page gives unions all they need to know to start or step up their own campaigns. For the first time, unions can also download posters, stickers, ribbons and calendars to help them promote their VAW activities.

ITF women transport workers assistant co-ordinator Jodi Evans said: “We need to act collectively as trade unionists to end the scourge of violence against women.

“With just over one week to go, let us know what you’ve got planned for 25 November. Share your ideas and inspire other affiliates to act, and promote your activities through the ITF’s website and social media.

“Let’s make this the biggest and best global union action on the UN day in the name of Nermin and all the women who are survivors of violence.”

Visit the ITF VAW 2015 page to tell us about your union’s plans and to get the resources to help your union back November 25. You can also find inspiration from union activities last year

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