LAN Ecuador

Reinstate Jimena - unions pile pressure on LAN Ecuador

Trade unionists across South America are taking action to demand the reinstatement of trade union leader Jimena López, who was sacked from her job as a LAN Ecuador cabin crew member last week

In a series of coordinated actions to apply pressure on Enrique Cueto, CEO of LATAM holdings group, union leaders in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Paraguay stood firm with Jimena, general secretary and founder of the SITA (Sindicato de Trabajadores de Aerolane) union. They have taken her case direct to the travelling public at airports, and there are reports of LATAM flights being delayed.

These actions follow last weeks’ condemnation by the ITF’s LATAM network of this “nakedly political” dismissal and its pledge to take action in support of Lopez.

Edgardo Llano, general secretary of FAPA, the argentine federation for aviation workers is one of those who has protested against what he told the airline was its anti-union actions in dismissing Jimena López.

Gabriel Mocho, secretary of the ITF civil aviation section, commented: “Jimena is a leading defender of labour and women’s rights and an inspirational figure to her colleagues in aviation and the trade unions. We believe that her sacking is an attempt by the local subsidiary of LATAM Holding Group to harass or even destroy SITA – potentially in breach of national legislation. We expect nothing less than her full reinstatement."

He concluded: "The ITF family is on alert to support her and we encourage everyone to join our solidarity network to find out how they can help in cases of injustice such as this."