Women in the transport industry

Get involved, whatever your sector

It’s long been a male-dominated arena, but women now have a significant presence in the transport industry workforce. From railways to roads, urban transport to civil aviation and as seafarers and dockers, women are working as drivers, conductors, pilots, mechanics and officers, as well as in administrative roles.

ITF unions: transport workers united

Whatever sector you work in, and whether you’re employed by a private company or the government, in an administrative role or operating machinery, you can get involved.

Being a union member gives women transport workers:

  • membership of a democratic organisation that’s fighting for better terms and conditions in your workplace
  • the ability to have a say on the issues that matter to you
  • an opportunity to network and share experiences
  • the chance to get involved and build a stronger voice for women in your industry

Unions need women. Find out about our role in training women to be leaders.

The role of the ITF

We’re working with our affiliates to secure a fair representation of women in collective bargaining, union leadership and priority campaigns.

Our aim is to ensure that working conditions and legislation don’t discriminate against women or ignore the issues that affect them in the workplace. This includes sexual harassment and intimidation, maternity rights and access to promotion.

Visit the relevant section on this website to find details of any current or past campaigns, and to learn more about our role in your particular sector:

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Regional and national committees and networks provide the focal point for union activities.

Find out who to contact for more details on ITF union activity where you work, on the Our people page

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