Women belong in transport workplaces!

Have your say and help us learn more about gender (in)equality in the workplace.

“Transport is still regarded as ‘no place for women’ in many countries/sectors around the world.” ILO Transport Policy Brief 2013

"Some traditionally male sectors such as construction and transport, have remained highly resistant to change in their gender balance, with women still only accounting for 22% of workers in transport" Tessa Wright, Gender and Sexuality in Male-Dominated Occupations, 2016

Responses to the Equality Testing Research will provide us all with invaluable evidence to challenge significant industry issues such as:

This is to name just a few of the limitless opportunities this research will provide to the ITF and all of our affiliates.  Make sure the realities within your workplaces are incorporated, and help us all learn more about gender (in)equality in the workplace!

Participation is voluntary and anonymous, and can even be completed on a mobile phone (although it must be completed in one go).  Find the questions here before accessing the online research:

English Worker Survey

English Union Rep Questionnaire

Take part in 3 simple steps

  • Download our short and simple ‘promo packs’. We’ve made it really easy for you to share and promote the research in your union!

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With your help we can reach the greatest number of workers and union representatives/officials from the most diverse workplaces and deliver a strong piece of research that will benefit union campaigning for all of us.

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Yes it's true.... there required violence free workplace..
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