Building strong global delivery networks

Holding the multinationals to account

Global delivery multinationals, such as DHL, TNT, UPS and FedEx , are big players in express delivery and freight transport. They ensure that businesses all over the world run smoothly, employing workers across the transport sectors.

However, the employees in their distribution networks are often denied the social and employment rights they deserve. Our role is to give these transport workers a voice, whatever their employment status or global location. We do this by building union power and establishing alliances in each company and across the organisations. 

Working with our fellow global union federation UNI, ITF’s main focus includes:

  • actively supporting local organising in global delivery companies
  • building strong networks to facilitate the sharing of best practice, successes and information about the global delivery multinationals
  • coordinating and providing solidarity to unions in dispute

This allows us to identify gaps in trade union structures and deal effectively with the challenges faced by workers on a daily basis. 

These challenges include:

  • unfair pay 
  • a decline in working conditions
  • an erosion of work-life balance rights
  • outsourcing
  • social dumping as employers cut back on labour costs 

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Global delivery better in union hands 

An ITF success: Deutsche Post-DHL 

In November 2012, ITF filed a case over concerns that DHL workers were not free to join or organise trade unions. Our intervention created a foundation for dialogue with the multinational – an opportunity to resolve disputes in a responsible, direct way. 

Read more about our experience of building union power at DHL.

What can you do to strengthen the role of the transport unions? 

Unions are fighting back by connecting activists along company lines. There are a number of ways unionists can get involved. 

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