World AIDS Day

Help us keep vulnerable transport workers safe

Because of the nature and conditions of their work, transport workers are at a high risk of contracting and transmitting the HIV virus. The knock-on effects are considerable, impacting upon not only the sufferer, but also their family, community, the enterprise concerned and the economy as a whole.

Without the active involvement of transport workers and their unions, we will never establish an effective response to the pandemic. That’s why we support the Worlds AIDS Day campaign, started by the World Health Organization in 1988.

ITF World AIDS Day campaign

Since the first World AIDS Day on 1 December 2006, the ITF has been asking its unions to get involved. Its aim is to:

  • establish HIV/AIDS as part of the unions’ core programmes and activities
  • encourage unions to lobby for HIV to become a workplace issue
  • support programmes and activities to prevent future infections
  • provide care and support to infected members and their families

We believes that, with the organisational strength of over 780 affiliated unions in 155 countries, we can make a difference and keep transport workers and their families healthy and protected from HIV/AIDS.

What can you do?

The next World AIDS Day is 1 December 2018. Find out how you can get involved.

Download the HIV/AIDS: transport workers take action manual (2575kb PDF).

This document is also available in the following languages:


Manuel sur le VIH/SIDA (2722kb PDF)] 


HIV/AIDS Manual - Farsi (2156kb PDF)]


(2606kb PDF)

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