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Building union influence and campaigning in bus rapid transit (BRT)

This project will develop and strengthen union interventions and campaign strategies to influence the development of BRT in Nairobi.  The project is part of the ITF’s Our Public Transport programme and will promote quality public transport and inclusive cities in Africa, including decent jobs, a just transition for informal workers, strong union representation and improved access to affordable mobility. The project is supported by Union to Union

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Organising along transport corridors

The ITF’s project along the Southern Africa Transport Corridor will organise workers, strengthen bargaining skills and increase sub-regional solidarity. This project is part of the ITF's Union Building programme and is supported by SASK and FES.

Previous ITF projects on organising workers along the transport corridors have focused on West Africa and the Northern Corridor in East Africa.

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Investigating the workplace: a powerful and challenging approach to airport organising

Investigating The Workplace BookletInvestigating the workplace aims to stimulate discussion and provides a powerful, rank-and-file based and challenging approach to airport organising. Based on a participatory action research approach, it emphasises the vital importance of workers’ participation in investigating the workplace and their conditions, as the basis for building democratic worker organisation and unity. The booklet is based on experiences and learning from union organising at OR Tambo international airport in Johannesburg.

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