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Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal.

996 Days Ago
Global warming issue was raised by me for the first time at the ITF Congress meeting at Durban and subsequently in all ITF meetings that I attended. At the last ITF Congress in Bulgaria and at the ITF Fpc meeting at Perth I submitted a paper and resolution on Global warming including the HAARP program by the USA but was allowed hardly five minutes to address the issue due to its serious nature, however, a resolution made by me was submitted to the itf during meetings.I shall much appreciate if the issue of climate change and HAARP may be considered on the main Agenda at thr next ITF FPC and APRC Meetings. I am of the considered opinion that the program "HAARP' by the USA has greatly threatened the planet earth and inspite of extensive pressures by EU the USA is reluctant in giving description/details of the HAARP that to my opinion including that of many researchers and scientist the entire planet earth has been found great reductions in its produce/products; severe cold /and heat is observed including melting of the Arctic glaciers and many other great glaciers worldwide causing huge sea level rise. Please note that the year 2016 and in the coming years the planet is bound to suffer very low freezing temperatures and very high rise in temperatures world wide that I consider shall cause huge high temperatures even the weather pattern is likely to reverse.
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