Climate justice education

How ITF helps unions with climate change training

We have developed a climate justice education and training programme that includes seminars, education materials and online courses

Read our discussion document on (transport workers and climate change: towards sustainable, low-carbon mobility). Find out more about climate change by using our 24 climate justice factsheets:

  • Factsheets on how to cut emissions
  • Factsheets on climate controversies
  • Factsheet on why unions matter
  • Factsheet on what unions can do

We invite unions to use our resources and adapt them for your own climate justice work.

As part of the climate justice education and training programme, we’ve held seminars with affiliates. Click on the links below to explore their outcomes:

Seminars for young workers, in Africa and Asia Pacific
National seminars in Malawi, Thailand and Uganda

Seminar for unions in low-lying islands, in the Caribbean and the Pacific

Regional seminars in Africa and Latin America

The next ITF seminar will be held in Latin America in December 2014, running in parallel with the UN climate change talks in Lima (COP 20).

In addition, we have run 3 online courses on climate change: for urban transport unions, young workers and the first general course. The courses are part of the online labour academy.

This work is supported by FES and LO-TCO.

For help and support, or to share your climate change work, get in touch with the ITF climate justice team.

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