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World Aids Day 2014

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Let’s get to zero discrimination

  • About the campaign

    We’re supporting World AIDS Day again this year. Our affiliates around the world will be marking the day with a host of awareness events, seminars, film screenings and more.  Start planning your activities now with our World AIDS Day campaign materials. Let’s make 2014 the best year yet. 

    A look back at World AIDS Day 2014

    The ITF called on its affiliates to mark World AIDS Day on 1 December 2013. As we marked 33 years of AIDS, we did not forget that, for all the achievements, HIV/AIDS is still around us. We saw 2.5 million new infections in 2012. We are still seeing stigma and discrimination in society and in workplaces. We are fighting for a future when people are motivated to come out to live and work positively and be an AIDS activist.

    Keeping in mind the World AIDS Day theme for 2011-2015, we must get to zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths.
    In 2013, as in the past few years, we continued our campaign on ‘zero new infections and zero discrimination’. We encouraged everyone to be a ‘change agent’ – start the plan from now, develop networks and collaborate with local and national organisations to add momentum and achieve our objective of ‘getting to zero’.

    For more information on the ITF and World AIDS Day, contact Dr Syed Asif Altaf, ITF HIV/AIDS co-ordinator:

    New ITF HIV/AIDS manual

    Have you got your new AIDS/HIV manual from ITF? It contains hands-on guidance, best-practice examples from affiliates, and practical support for unions in dealing with HIV/AIDS in the workplace and the fight against stigma. 

    Download Action on HIV/AIDS

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Kona Vishnu

1511 Days Ago
World AIDS Day 2014 was observed by our affiliates on Indian Railways. NFREU an affiliates of NFIR observed the day with Blood Donation Camp and the speakers highlighted that every individual must adopt some safety precautions such as usage of sterile injection needles, indulge in safe sex (use of contraceptives), not to have more than one sexual partner and last but not the least take care of the persons already infected with HIV. People suffering from AIDS should not be discriminated and they must be encouraged to live a normal life. Care must be taken to maintain confidentiality in case of AIDS patients and the Social Stigma must go from the minds of normal people and also the patients.
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sherwood clarke

1562 Days Ago
The Caribbean, stigma, discrimination, and gender-based violence remain formidable obstacles to ending the HIV epidemic. The study showed that there is need for a new outlook on structural and programmatic directions in the Caribbean for a high turnover in results when it comes to addressing the issue of HIV-related stigma and gender-based violence. These efforts have laid the groundwork for expanding the accessibility of HIV services for key and vulnerable group like the transport workers and enabling Caribbean to reach the goals of reducing the social and economic impact of HIV/AIDS on the Caribbean as a whole.
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