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Take action! 2014 Action week

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Transport workers fighting back! Organising globally

  • About the campaign

    Read reports of activities for the Action Week:

    • 14 October: West Africa sub-regional event, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Guinée-Conakry, Cameroon, Egypt, India, Thailand, Mongolia, Mexico, Norway, UK, Bulgaria, Spain, Netherlands
    • 13 October: India, Turkey, Barbados, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mauritius, Rwanda, Morocco
    • 10 October: Malaysia, Korea, Germany, India, Belgium, Venezuela, Australia, India, Russia, Turkey, Canada
    • 9 October (3): Germany, Belgium, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Cameroon, Egypt, Namibia
    • 9 October (2): Bulgaria, Mongolia, Switzerland, Uganda, Thailand
    • 9 October (1): Russia, Ukraine, US, India, Canada, Germany
    • 8 October: Europe (rail), Belgium, India, Philippines, Thailand, UK, US, Nepal, Netherlands, Mexico, Korea, Australia, Togo
    • 7 October: Mexico, Australia, Russia, Thailand, Lithuania, Korea, US, Japan, ITUC
    • 6 October: Netherlands, Korea, UK, Togo, Europe (road)
    • View photos of the Action Week >>

    During the week of 6-12 October 2014, unions and their members will come together to take part in the ITF Action week.

    Under the slogan ‘Transport workers fighting back! Organising globally!’ unions will organise a variety of activities to:

    • highlight important issues that affect road transport and railway workers
    • emphasise the importance of belonging to a union

    We urge all road transport and railway workers including passenger and freight, mobile and non-mobile workers to take part in Action week.

    Key dates: 

    The ITUC World day for decent work is on 7 October 2014.

    Container safety action day
    On 9 October 2014, the ITF is asking its road, rail, maritime and dockers’ unions to organise activities to raise awareness around container safety. This action day will mark the start of a cross-sectional campaign that ITF is leading. Read more about container safety.


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1556 Days Ago
Las afiliadas a la ITF organizan actividades durante la semana de acción para destacar las cuestiones que afectan a los trabajadores y trabajadoras del transporte por carretera y ferroviario y la importancia que tiene pertenecer a un sindicato. Vean el vídeo 'Road to a common cause' (Rumbo a una Causa Común) para hacerse una idea de lo que supone la semana de acción para los trabajadores y trabajadoras en las bases: www.youtube.com…
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1556 Days Ago
Les affiliés de l’ITF organisent des activités pendant la semaine d’action pour mettre en relief les problèmes que rencontrent les travailleurs de la route et du rail et pour souligner pourquoi il est si important de se syndiquer. Regardez le film de l’ITF « En route vers une cause commune » pour mieux comprendre ce que représente la semaine d’action pour les travailleurs sur le terrain: www.youtube.com…
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1556 Days Ago
ITF affiliates organise action week activities to highlight the issues affecting road and rail workers and to emphasise why joining a union is so important. Take a look at this ITF film 'Road to a common cause' for more on what action week means for workers on the ground: www.youtube.com… english
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1564 Days Ago
1 million particpants over 17 years is incredible – let's make action week 2014 another good one!
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