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End anti-union violence now!

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Stop the attack on Costa Rica’s dockers

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    6 November 2014
    Pressure by SINTRAJAP, backed by ITF affiliates and Costa Rican unions, has forced the government back into negotiations, but despite this first victory the situation remains tense. Watch this space for further news.

    Hundreds of police officers stormed Puerto Limon's Moin and Limon terminals last Thursday 23rd October, violently attacking workers and arresting 68 men and women who were peacefully striking. The workers were detained, then the port re-opened Friday with strikebreakers, some of them from nearby countries, replacing the union members. There is  TV footage of the incident.


    1. Send messages to the President (Step 2, above right)

    2. Hold visible, legal protests outside Costa Rican embassies and diplomatic representations (see

    The dispute arose over the 33-year, $1 billion expansion deal won by APM to run a new terminal, which has been the subject of a legal battle. Under the microscope has been the huge competitive advantage granted to APM, who negotiated the exclusive right to handle containers, casting a shadow over the future of the state-owned port company Japdeva in the Moin and Limon terminals. Japdeva in turn has an explicit role as regional economic development engine, helping to fund education and health services.

    The union has won significant support at home, with other public sector workers offering solidarity, and locals keenly feeling both the potential loss of Japdeva’s much-needed public sector income and understanding the environmental effects. The new facility could compromise the nesting grounds of leatherback turtles and endanger manatees, dolphins and coral reefs.

    Regionally, Latin American dockworkers’ unions have rallied and presented petitions to Costa Rican embassies. Now please show your support globally!

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Jackie Doe

1532 Days Ago
Fello Comrades, its so dishartening to see that leaders who are suppose to fight for the interest and welbeing of workers and trade unions are the ones using the police to beat up our fellow comrades and colleagues in struggle. Lets stand up for justice and our rights as the seamen motto is posed in Liberia Injury to One is Injury to All, while Success to One is Success to All. We as Dockers in Liberia oppose any threats by leaders in Costa Rica against our fellow Dockers fighting for their rights
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1536 Days Ago
Dear Mr President – respect workers right, please stop the violence.
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Klaus Winkler

1537 Days Ago
Its a shame that vilonce forced by police affackt peaceful workers, who just have striked for better conditions. Its an international right for every worker in the world to put down the work at any time. Dera Mr. President, respect workers right, stop the vilonce. Judge the law enforcement. Here in Germany we stand for our colleagues world wide.
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Niek Stam

1540 Days Ago
Mr. President, we are living in the 21th century and we solve problems and or disputes through consultation and negotiation. The attitude of your government is a direct attack and a shame to the mankind of the world of labour. My members in the Dutch ports are standing with our fellow dockers in your country. Please change this respect less behavior. Niek Stam , National Secretary of FNV Ports Netherlands
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Keith Allen

1540 Days Ago
Mr. President, the attitude of your government, police force and corporate behaviour to Costa Rican workers is totally unacceptable and shows utter contempt for your own peopl. Cease and desist this treatment of those who just wish to earn a decent living without the brutal treatment that is currently being waged against them.
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Mich-Elle Myers

1540 Days Ago
Solidarity from MUA Australia member #5019582
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Kona Vishnu

1540 Days Ago
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James Given

1541 Days Ago
Message sent to President Solidairty to all Dockers from the SIU of Canada
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