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ITF campaign forced DHL to sign an agreement respecting its workers’ rights

Respect At DHL

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ITF makes delivery giant respect its workers

  • About the campaign

    The ITF agreed a groundbreaking protocol with Deutsche Post DHL (DP-DHL) in July 2016.

    It provides DHL workers worldwide with a firm and public commitment to dispute resolution mechanisms, supply chain responsibility and reaffirms the rights of workers to a collective voice at work without fear of retaliation.

    The protocol agreed by the ITF, UNI Global Union and DP-DHL is a direct outcome of several years of campaigning and solidarity by DHL unions and of the complaint made by the ITF under the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) guidelines about the conduct of DP-DHL. Use the Timeline’ tab above to see how we got here.

    Take action

    The Respect at DHL campaign does not end here. The ITF and DHL will be meeting four times a year to monitor the protocol. We must test DHL's commitment to it by organising, sharing intelligence and gathering concrete evidence where problems persist. Contact the campaign here:

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