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Kenyan truck drivers demand union rights

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Workers faced police violence during peaceful protest

  • About the campaign

    In March, after workers at Agility who were on strike were attacked and beaten by police, more than 8,000 people signed a petition condemning the violence and demanding that the company negotiate with workers to end the strike peacefully. International support helped bring the company to the negotiating table and secure agreement that those who had been on strike would not be penalised by the company.

    Now the drivers need our support again to bring an end to the harassment and victimisation of union members, and secure union recognition.

    How you can help support the drivers

    1. Click here to add to the mass email protest sent to Agility Logistics' CEO demanding that the company negotiates with workers and recognises their union.  

    2. Send a message to Agility's Chief Operating Officer and Senior VP for Middle East and Africa - see 2 'take action now', above

    3. Share the drivers’ stories on social media and help draw the world’s attention to their campaign. Click on ‘Campaign Materials’ above for images you can share. Tweet to the company @agility and the CEO @tarek_sultan and use hashtag #agilityunionrightsnow 

    4. Sign up to receive updates on the campaign by adding your email address under ‘take action now’


    Truck drivers in Kenya are demanding their employer recognises their union and addresses dangerous and unfair working conditions.

    The drivers work for Agility Logistics, one of the world’s largest logistics companies, headquartered in Kuwait. They work on Kenya’s northern corridor, a key route for trucks carrying cargo within Kenya and into Uganda, Tanzania and other countries. Companies operating in this region are notorious for anti-union activity and many workers have been dismissed for seeking to join a union.

    Drivers have reported working excessive hours with inadequate rest breaks, unfair dismissals of union members, and workers being employed on precarious short-term contracts.

    When a group of workers began a peaceful protest against excessive working hours, intimidation and denial of union recognition, the police responded with violence and intimidation. For more information about the protest click on ‘Timeline’ above. 

    Within two days of the police violence over 5,000 supporters had written to the CEO of Agility Logistics demanding an end to violence and for the company to enter negotiations. This pressure was essential in bringing the company to the negotiating table.

    The drivers have now returned to work, but their campaign for union recognition and decent working conditions continues. International attention helped stop violence against the striking workers, and it can help achieve union recognition and better working conditions.

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Baleka Moses

865 Days Ago
I do support the rest that the management of Agility Logistic in Kenya should respect the workers rights on the rights there is no joke or negotiation. Am Baleka Moses General Secretary National Union of Drivers, Cyclists and Allied Workers one of the 40 Labor Unions in Uganda Solidarity for ever
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Monique Verbeeck

1355 Days Ago
STOP the violence against all workers and let workers have their union rights !
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1367 Days Ago
The right to form and join association is a fundamental human right as such every activist should rise and defend thess workers for this noble struggle
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Philips Nkiru

1367 Days Ago
Tarek Sultan, Chief Executive Officer of Agility logistics as one of the world’s leading logistics providers, should intervene and ensure that brutal attacks by Kenya’s police on Kenyan truckers ceases immediately and should enter into negotiations with the Kenya Long Distance Truck Drivers and Allied Workers Union (KLDTDAWU) to resolve the matter.
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Joshua S. Wilson

1368 Days Ago
Agility Logistics' CEO, please be aware of the facts that before entering into this business of yours you negotiated with Kenyan Government and other people around the globe for the full establishment of your company. In so doing, please negotiate with workers’ who have made numerous sacrifices to place your company at the top. RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF WORKERS!! RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!!
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Evelin Tomson

1368 Days Ago
Workers should be able to join union freely. Period. Company managers selecting, who to accept or not accept as negotiation partner, is already clear violation of workers rights.
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Jodi Evans

1369 Days Ago
This company is profiting from violence against its women and men emoloyees. Solidarity with all union members!
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Diana Holland

1369 Days Ago
Stop violence against women. Basic workers'rights are human right. They should be respected not taken away.
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Brigitta Paas

1369 Days Ago
Give the werkers the right to organize and stop violence against women now7510
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Ashley Poxon

1369 Days Ago
Stop the violence against women. Viva ITF
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