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International Women's Day 2015 - 8th March

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International Women’s Day is recognised, celebrated and supported by thousands of organisations and individuals across the world. For the ITF family it is about helping to secure rights for women, and raise their visibility and participation in the union movement.

  • About the campaign

    It’s an opportunity for unions all over the world - men and women - to stand together, support their female members and address the issues facing women transport industry workers in every sector.

    This year, alongside the other activities taking place, we are calling on unions to stand in solidarity with trade union leader Jimena Lopez, sacked from her cabin crew job for her union activities.

    Why Jimena Lopez?

    Jimena Lopez

    Jimena is a woman leader

    Jimena Lopez is general secretary and founder of SITA (Sindicato de Trabajadores de Aerolane) representing cabin crew at LAN Ecuador. Jimena is one of the women union leaders around the world fighting tirelessly for the rights of her members, women and men. She is an example of the extensive role women can play in their unions when they have the means and opportunity.

    Jimena has been sacked for being a trade unionist

    Jimena was dismissed from her position after a successful union organising drive in LAN Ecuador, part of the LATAM holding group. This is blatant anti-union action which can’t be tolerated.

    We can win this fight together

    There has already been widespread action in support of Jimena Lopez and it’s having an impact. International Women’s Day is a chance to further highlight and enhance this case to the trade union movement and beyond to get Jimena reinstated and stop the attacks on her union.

    Find out more about the latest developments on the campaign timeline.

    What can you do?

    Use the action buttons at the right of this screen to:

    • Join the solidarity network so you stay up to date with the latest on this and other ITF campaigns and actions.
    • Send a letter of protest to LATAM.
    • Share this page on your own social media channels.
    • Support the Jimena Lopez LabourStart campaign

    Tell us what you’ll be doing to show solidarity with Jimena Lopez on International Women’s Day and share your photos and videos on 8 March. You can do this in a number of ways:

    Need inspiration? Here’s some of the action from 2014.


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Elina Karavan

1044 Days Ago
On the eve of March 8, the seafarers, members of the Marine Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine, took part in a kind of flash mob – were pictured with the festive MTWTU logo. The Union as well, in order to celebrate the International Women's Day, invited female seafarers to the office to present them with special holiday gifts. And on March 11 the MTWTU will held a special workshop on financial literacy for seafarers’ wives, featuring special guest Life Coach. www.youtube.com…
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Rossana Obreshkova

1413 Days Ago
FTTUB (Bulgaria) sent protest letters to LATAM management beginning of December 2014; now we're sending again, letting them know we are aware of the support Jimena received both from her government and from such an international authority as the ILO. Through our social media we have asked for the active participation of our members in the ITF-LabourStart online campaign; we also encouraged them to post solidarity messages on SITA and LATAM Network's social media profiles, as well as sending photo solidarity messages. We are running an article on our website. We are also petitioning once more our Ministry of Labour and Social Policies to vote in favour of an ILO convention on gender-based violence at work during the upcoming session of ILO's Governing Body, as Bulgaria is represented on the GB both in the government and in the workers' group. For #IWD, FTTUB is holding its national Women's conference on 09 March, with women delegates from all over the country representing all transport sectors, and with honorary guests the mayor of Sofia and other eminent public figures. The topic is Millennium goal#3: Promoting gender equality and empowering women and FTTUB's achievements in this respect. Jimena's case and ITF's solidarity campaign will be presented on the agenda of the conference as part of our activities marking International Women's Day. All delegates will be engaged in a big solidarity photo, and will be given campaign posters and leaflets presenting the story in more detail, to be distributed between their colleagues on site and to use them to take additional photos in support of Jimena.
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1414 Days Ago
NRMU an affiliate of AIRF organised change of series of programs scheduled on 2,4 and 9 march 2015. two of the programme were conducted at delhi. the women leadership is comitted for upliftment of women's status in society.on 2nd march under leadership of Com Neena G approx.500 women demanded I IMMEDIATE UNCONDITIONAL REINSTATEMENT OF COM Jimena Lopez General secretory and founder of SITA.The another programme was held at barodahouse campus on 4 march 2015. ms NISHI kapahi addressed the gathwring and narrated the sad story of Gemina and other cabin crew. 800 men and women took oath to break the silence against injustice and violence, under leadership of Com Jaya Agarwal. the global solidarity message spread against anti labour policies. The series will conclude on 9th march 2015. Jemina we the family of 1.3 million Indian railway workers stand by you.
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1414 Days Ago
South Central Railway Employees' Sangh (SCRES) an Affiliate of National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) celebrated International Women's Day on 05th March 2015. SCRES/NFIR demanded IMMEDIATE UNCONDITIONAL REINSTATEMENT of Jimena Lopez. Sister Uma Nagendramani, Women Representative of ITUC questioned vociferously, How could Jimena Lopez be sacked for leading a Union? Is it not snatching away of our basic right? Is it a fault for a Women to lead a Union? The audience acknowledged with a thunderous applause to her speech. AS an affiliate of ITF On behalf of 1.3 million Strong Indian Railway Workforce NFIR demands Jimena Lipez's reinstatement.
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1414 Days Ago
SPKA celebrate Interntional Women's day - March8
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All India Railwaymen's Federation

1419 Days Ago
All India Railwaymen's Federation has already pledged its support for 8th March Women's Day
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kalpana Desai

1420 Days Ago
My Transport & Dock Workers' Union Mumbai and other ITF transport workers Unions in Mumbai already focused on to stpo Gender-Based violence at work ! and this year theme to support an ILO convention on Gender Based Violence (GBV), all the affilated Unions made an appeal to Hon'ble Prime Minister of India to support ILO convention on GBV and pleasure to inform you that letter has been recived from Ministry of Women & Child Development, Goverment of India, New Delhi and assured that necessary action may be taken in the matter for redressal of grievance of the complaint at the earliest possible! This year would like to focused on Gender Sensatisation program for maritime workers.on 7th or 9th March 2015! to mark the International Women's Day-2015 Ofcourse will display posters recieved by ITF office
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1424 Days Ago
We received the following response from Sister Jimena Lopez: Hola a todos Millón gracias por su gran apoyo, esto ayuda muchisimo para todo el proceso... Dina es posible que envíes esta carta a los correos que te envíe incluido el ultimo para la presidencia de la República?? que opinas. Abrazo y espero tus valiosos comentarios. Jimena
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1424 Days Ago
We had already mailed our Support Letter dated 24th Nov 2014 to Jimena Lopez writen by Sister Similal Singh, Women Representative to CEO, LATAM Airlines Group SA. Chile. A copy of the letter can be viewed by clicking on the following link: drive.google.com…
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Monique Verbeeck

1436 Days Ago
The campaign materials to mark internation women's day were distributed to the other regions and sectors of our transport union. A solidarity letter to support Jimena LOPEZ was already sent to LATAM and we will certainly mark IWD in solidarity with all women all over the world !
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