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Fight plan for mass sacking and secret automation

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Hutchison Ports Australia stands accused of using automation and forced redundancy to get rid of union members

  • About the campaign

    In 2013 Hutchison Ports Australia (HPA) started operations in Brisbane and Sydney after a new competition policy introduced a third stevedoring operator in major Australian ports.

    Both ports were set up with automated stacking cranes (ASCs) and manned shuttles. A collective agreement was certified.

    Now everything has changed. HPA has announced itwill be ‘withdrawing from current bids for work in Australia and reviewing the level of services that we will be offering effective immediately.’

    Workers are being made to pay the price of HPA’s attempt to break into the Australian stevedoring market.

    Sackings have been announced: 97 out of 224 jobs will go. The Maritime Union of Australia reports that the company ejected its officials from terminals. There are suspicions that the forced redundancy process has been set up to remove union activists and delegates.

    The union subsequently received documentation indicating that HPA is secretly planning to  introduce automated straddles and automated remote quay cranes.

    The MUA is starting a campaign to ensure HPA doesn’t get away with using automation as a union-busting tool. The workers defending their jobs will be doing so through various actions. They are asking for support, including messages of solidarity backing their stance of defending real jobs against this automation with a hidden agenda.

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augustus arokoyo

1197 Days Ago
an injury to one is an injury to all. workers must rise to fight the capitalists to stop this nonsense.whichever pole this is happening it must be stop by any means available to be use by workers.
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1200 Days Ago
Workers fight back#touchonetouchall
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Pål Aanes

1201 Days Ago
Its a attack on all the dockers and union members working in the ports.We will put up a fight and stay strong brother and sisters.From us in Norway we send ouer solidarity and will follow the campaign.Best regards docker from port of Mosjøen Norway.
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Suria Hanneman

1201 Days Ago
They are going to be really inhumanity monster let's be united and should not give mercy on them
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Ernest Lumah Gargar

1202 Days Ago
We are watching those heartless men who don't care for their people, I urge those concerned to listen quietly and abandon their plan of their mass sacking.
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Kieran Crumlin

1202 Days Ago
These attacks on our union are being encouraged and supported by the Abbott government in a concerted effort to damage our right to organise in our respective workplaces. It's a manic last ditch approach before they become the first one term government in 100 years to be thrown out of office.
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Terry Engler

1202 Days Ago
We need more worker's rights not corporate rights. Worker's rights bring stability while Corporate rights enable foreign nationals to profit from hardship around the world. People before increased profits.
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Martin Norbert.

1203 Days Ago
i think that they should negotiate with the brothers and sisters of the Mua!
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