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Nova Hakim, JICT Union chair, addresses workers during protest

Dockers at risk in Jakarta Port

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Dockers face intimidation for opposing operator decision

  • About the campaign

    Dockers in the Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) are facing a future of uncertainty after the Indonesia Port Company (IPC) made a deal with global network terminal operator Hutchison Port Holdings to let them operate the port for the next 20 years.

    There are several concerns about the decision:

    • The extension doesn’t take into account the impact on workers. There could be job losses.
    • The union has been ignored when it has attempted over the past year to discuss concerns and seek a transparent process.
    • There has been no open tender for the concession and the process has been rushed even though the existing JICT contract only expires in 2019.
    • The concession extension doesn’t make financial sense and isn’t in the national economic interest.

    Four workers involved in union activity to voice these concerns were sacked and only reinstated after strike action by the union.

    This concession must be cancelled and a transparent process be put in place to handle the situation. IPC also needs to consider JICT Union’s argument that the port should be owned and managed nationally.

    How can you support the dockers in Jakarta?

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augustus arokoyo

1259 Days Ago
dare to struggle, dare to win..... Workers in solidarity must fight to win this battle of workers lay off in any company
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Ernest Lumah Gargar

1260 Days Ago
It is about time to take a more rebust actions to savethe lively hood of our brothers and sisters where ever they are. I see this on the part of many companies as campaign to ignore the standard set by the (ILO) We are watching .
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Ron Eichhorst. Retired. ILWU local 502 And local 514

1261 Days Ago
Maybe it's time to have a general strike if this company is breaking your contract and get all the other ports to rise in solidarity around the WORLD
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1262 Days Ago
Worker fight back#savejict#touchonetouchall
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Deasy Mastari

1262 Days Ago
Yrh. Bpk. Presiden..perpanjangan kontrak JICT telah melanggar UU 17/2008 dan dirut Pelindo II telah mengabaikan rekomendasi BPKP dan oversight commitee serta diindikasikan terjadi konspirasi yg mengakibatkan kerugian negara. Untuk itu dg segala hormat, mohon Bpk. Presiden memerintahkan Menteri BUMN utk membatalkan kontrak tersebut dan memproses dugaan kerugian negara. Terima kasih
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1262 Days Ago
Hutch together with IPC allies against constitution and RI risks big loss from the agreement. Pak Jokowi should have seen this matter objectively form every aspects especially national interest.
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1263 Days Ago
Perpanjangan Konsesi JICT harus dibatalkan karena melanggar UU. Periksa Menteri BUMN Rini dan Presdir Pelindo II RJ Lino
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Nigeria Union of Railway Workers (NUR)

1263 Days Ago
We in the Nigeria Union of Railway Workers have received with thrall and unprecedented consternation the inglorious and anti-worker attempt of the Indonesia Port Company and, expectedly together with the Government of Indonesia, to cede Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) to Hutchison Port Holdings for 20 years of private operation. It becomes really worrisome that such extension can be adopted without putting into consideration the impact of such action on the teeming workers which, no doubt, includes job losses among other grave consequences it portends for the workers. Without any fear, we make bold to infer that ignoring the Union in the entire negotiations as this matter is concerned leaves much to be desired. Also, the fact that the whole process lacks transparency and due diligence calls to question the integrity of those involved in the banditry against the toiling Dockers. Consequent upon the foregoing, we wish to align in solidarity with our Docker-brothers and sisters to express our utter displeasure against this neo-liberal policy and, most unambiguously, we advise all that are involved in this condemnable operation extension of the port for the next 20 years to have a rethink. Our advice here becomes very imperative as there is no instructive alibi that explains any financial sense or national economic interest that may accrue to Indonesia as a nation or to the Dockers. More importantly and unequivocally, we therefore advise that this concession must be cancelled for transparency and due diligence through tripartite methodology to resume. Added to our unchanging position and advice as contained above, we feel strongly that the valid and tenable argument of JICT that the port should be owned and managed nationally should be considered and respected. Anything different from what will favour the economic interest of Jakarta and the Dockers on this issue, we are convinced, will fail. Vox populi vox Dei! Bro. Segun Esan T. Secretary General, NUR
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