Respect at DHL

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U-turn on union sackings in Turkey

  • About the campaign

    WE WON!

    DHL workers have got their jobs back and their union rights recognised.

    Thanks to local pressure and international campaigning, the DHL union in Turkey, Tümtis, has signed its first collective-bargaining agreement, and most of the workers who had been sacked have got their jobs back.

    It took 30 months of action, resistance and solidarity. Workers and their families took to picket lines, while the ITF, UNI (the global union federation for skills and services) and the IUF (the international union of food workers) put pressure on DHL shareholders – including the German government – and customers.

    Background to the DHL campaign

    DHL supply-chain staff in Turkey wanted decent wages, overtime and rest periods. In response, DHL sacked 37 workers and threatened others. They offered wage hikes to workers joining a company-backed union and told workers not to join Tümtis – or they would be sacked too.

    “After a long struggle, we now have the collective-bargaining competency notice from the ministry of labour and social security for DHL Turkey. This victory is not just Tümtis’s victory, but also a victory for collective struggle and international solidarity. I thank each union, sister, brother and comrade that put great effort in this victory."  – Kenan Öztürk, Tümtis president 

    Your solidarity with DHL made a difference

    Your international support has been a source of encouragement and strength for the workers outside the DHL warehouses in Gebze and Esenyurt for more than 150 days.

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