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DHL guilty of breaking its own code of conduct

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Delivery giant Deutsche Post DHL exposed

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Abuse in Chile, Colombia & Panama revealed

  • About the campaign

    An independent academic investigation has found that German multinational Deutsche Post DHL “grievously and systematically” fails to live up to its own procedures and promises set out in its ‘Code of Conduct’, as well as to international labour standards.

    The report is based on interviews with DHL workers in Chile, Colombia and Panama, here's an exert:

    • Valentina Pacheco, DHL worker in Chile, was injured at work due to a lack of training. But her manager “demands that as a 48 year old woman I fulill the same targets as a 28 to 30 year old man”.
    • José Ignacio in Colombia joined the union, but then saw his son fired from DHL with testimony that DHL faked a customer’s letter calling for his dismissal. 
    • Miguel García, a DHL Panama pilot, was made to pay for the repair of his aircraft and hotel costs after a forced landing abroad. He was then suspended after he took his case to the Civil Aviation Authority.
    • The sacking of 42 DHL Chile workers for calling a strike. “We recognise the existence of a campaign by the company to eliminate the trade union”, said Pablo Millán, DHL Express union. 
    • Union members threatened with dismissal to stop whistleblowing about the DHL’s conduct, claims DHL wrote union resignation letters for employees.
    • Claims that DHL monitors employees’ conversations with hidden microphones, intercepts the phone calls of trade unionists.

    Take action

    - Find out more.  Read the executive media summary, full report and press release 

    - Tell the Chief Executive of DHL to look at the evidence and treat his workforce with the respect it deserves.

    - Send a solidarity selfie to workers in Chile, Panama and Colombia using #respectatDHL


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Hussain Ghuloom

1036 Days Ago
I think we should keep going and press more
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Charlotte Stansfield

1048 Days Ago
Shocked that DHL is treating employees in these ways
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