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Defend the right to strike

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Right to strike reaffirmed but campaign continues

  • About the campaign

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    On 18th February, thousands of trade unionists took to the streets, bombarded social media channels and lobbied their governments to defend the right to strike. ITF affiliates in countries ranging from Bangladesh to Ukraine made their support clear – and they were not alone. Global cooperation between the ITUC and the global unions meant this was a protest across sectors as well as across borders. The coordinated pressure made a difference: at a tripartite meeting at the end of February 2015 workers and employers agreed a statement reaffirming the right to strike.

    "We made really a step forward, the Committee on Freedom of Association and the Governing Body, both in March and the Committee on Application of Standards of the International Labour Conference in June will be the test that the employers will really respect their commitment. Anyway the Government Group declared that to have freedom of association, the right to strike is necessary. Many thanks to the important support of the ITF" said Luc Cortebeeck, workers' chair of the ILO Governing Body.

    Read about it here:

    ITF press: Right to strike upheld but needs defending

    ITUC news: Right to strike reaffirmed at ILO

    ILO meeting outcome 


    The right to strike is a basic human right, which was won through struggle – yet all over the world this right is under attack. ITF unions exercising the right to industrial action are routinely met with repressive measures ranging from sackings, detentions and arrests to violence and even murder. The ITUC’s Global Rights Index shows that the right to strike is frequently restricted in law and violated in practice around the world.

    The International Labour Organisation’s mechanisms have been under fire. The ILO is made up of three groups – employers, workers and governments. The employers’ group has challenged the very existence of the right to strike established under ILO Convention 87. Although the February 2015 statements have resolved the issue for now, attacks against workers’ rights continue – so unions and their international organisations remain vigilant.

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Wilma Clement

1398 Days Ago
All right thinking unions must support this campaign. Barbados Workers' Union will use national radio and International Women's Day, as two primary days to speak out.
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1400 Days Ago
ITUC SUPPORTS & APPRECIATES NFIR's INITIATIVE We Request Everyone to Please Join Hands & Extend Your Thunderous Support to our online Thunderclap Campaign by just clicking on the link at 2. below: 1.… 2.… TOGETHER WE WILL WIN OUR "RIGHT TO STRIKE"
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Subhasish Bagchi

1400 Days Ago
SERMU/S. E. Rly is going to observe the18th Feb' 2015, 'Right to Strike' at ADRA
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1401 Days Ago
We have started an Online Campaign to muster International Support for the Global Day for the Right to Strike – 18th February 2015. Please click on the link and Express your wholehearted Support with a THUNDER. Please give wide publicity to our Online Campaign. It just takes a few seconds to express your Support.…
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1401 Days Ago
All the affiliates have been advised for country wide mass Dharna,Gate meetings and spread the message to collect your voice for right to strike.A letter will also send to Indian Government to make them aware about restlessness in wrokers class .
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Kona Vishnu

1404 Days Ago
We wish to launch an Online Campaign to muster International Support with your approval and guidance
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1407 Days Ago
Supreme Court strikes down essential service law; cites ‘right to strike’ | Video…
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