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Somaport terminal workers in Casablanca demand union rights

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Union members are facing intimidation, suspensions and sackings as they fight to secure their trade union rights

  • About the campaign

    There is an ongoing dispute between Somaport terminal workers at the Port of Casablanca and CMA-CGM management.

    Continued attacks on the trade union work were reported as the CMA-CGM local management tried to impose incapacitating ways of organising work that do not comply with the terms of the collective agreement and professional norms.

    The general secretary of the UMT port workers’ union Said Elhairech has been sacked and called 'a nuisance' by management. 

    Intimidating union members through suspension or dismissal is considered a breach of Moroccan Labour law and a violation of the legitimate rights of workers.

    Accordingly, the ITF and its affiliated union Syndicat National des Travailleurs des ports/UMT Maroc is calling on all affiliates to show their solidarity with Somaport workers.

    How you can help support Somaport terminal workers?

    1. Click here to send a letter of solidarity support to the union.

    2. Share the story on social media and help draw the world’s attention to their campaign. Tweet at the company @CMACGM and use hashtags #solidaritywithsomaport #ITFdockers

    Stay up to date on ITF Facebook ITFglobal and ITF Arab World and on twitter @ITFglobalunion @ITFArabWorld

    3. Sign up to the solidarity network to receive updates on this campaign and others

    4. Send a letter of protest to CMA-CGM via the Labour Start e-campaign in support of Said and his brothers and sisters in Morocco. 

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Titus Sayee

1014 Days Ago
This is the problem almost everybody facing allover the world. Even in my country Liberia where I'm from we I facing smaller issue from the APM Terminals. From the birth of our's port up to present the stevedores section of USPOGUL and the Agencies where the won that where doing the stevedores work. But now, they are now employing our crane operators without the consultation of the union and the Agencies. We see this as a undermining, overlooking and condoning the union and the other party.
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Stephenson S Kisingu

1094 Days Ago
The struggle for workers to get what is theirs hasn't been any easy. Employers have always looked the other way as though they don't understand what the employees are crying of. BUT for sure, this fight has been always been won by those united,resilient and ever determined workers. Keep on demanding for your rights and soon, management shall give in to your demands
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1095 Days Ago
Stay strong comrades strength in numbers all workers all over the world want the same to enrich there lives and family's lives not just these multi million company's wanting more and more off the backs of the working class stay strong brothers and sisters
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Mandylee Taylor

1096 Days Ago
There is so much Industrial action going on around the world at the moment and it's mainly due to the disgusting arrogance of companies that believe they are above the Laws and have no respect for the documents and agreements that are set in place to protect the safety and conditions of their workers. Voices in Volume do Win. Stand strong Comrades you are far from alone in this!
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Charles Minster

1096 Days Ago
Stand firm. Your actions are necessary to protect and advance all workers needs in Morocco. Victory will always take struggle and sacrifice and your determination will win for all. Victory to the Casablanca dockers!
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Donnie Gill

1096 Days Ago
Stand with conviction and let them hear the voice of dockers around the globe.
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1096 Days Ago
Just another part of the world wide attack on dockers,the battle should have started in LIVERPOOL in the 90's world action is the only way to stop it !!!!!!!!!
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Cahri Citron

1096 Days Ago
Stop these attacks on the working class.. If you take care of the base of these Countries the top will always benefit..
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Gaizy Dehbi

1096 Days Ago
They have to stop to attack the dockworkers all over the world
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1096 Days Ago
This should be stopped under all cost
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