Take Action! 2015 Action Week

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Transport Workers Fighting Back! Organising Globally

  • About the campaign

    Read reports of activities for the Action Week:

    5 October 2015 - Philippines, Mozambique, Austria, Nepal, Uganda, Thailand, India, Georgia

    6 October 2015 - Australia, Korea, Indonesia, Tanzania, Togo, Egypt, Kenya, Burundi, Bulgaria, Mongolia, India

    7 October 2015 - Swaziland, Japan, Nepal, Thailand, India, Palestine, Liberia, Zanzibar

    8 October 2015 - Bulgaria, Kenya, India, Thailand, Russia, Romania, Lithuania

    9 October 2015 - Barbados, Uganda, Ukraine, Norway, Togo, Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Bulgaria

    22 October 2015 - Swaziland, New Zealand, India, Togo, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Belgium, Mongolia, Mozambique, Togo, Rwanda, India

    During the week of 5-11 October 2015, unions and their members will come together to take part in the ITF Action week.

    Under the slogan ‘Transport workers fighting back! Organising globally!’ unions will organise a variety of activities to:

    • highlight important issues that affect road transport and railway workers
    • emphasise the importance of belonging to a union

    We urge all road transport and railway workers including passenger and freight, mobile and non-mobile workers to take part in Action week.


    Key Dates:

    Climate Justice Now: ITF Action Day 
    5 October 2015
    ITF Global Safe Rates Campaign Action Day 6 October 2015
    The ITUC World day for Decent Work
    7 October 2015
    ETF Action Day against the 4th Railway Package 8 October 2015



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